December 2018: Dr. Bert L. Schram award to Jan Vilím at Chains 2018

At the 6th edition of the Dutch National Chemistry Conference (CHAINS 2018), The Netherlands Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NVBMB) in collaboration with ESCOM foundation sponsored the Dr. Bert L. Schram award for the best lecture in the field of biochemistry and/or molecular biology. The prize was divided among four early stage researchers. Jan Vilím, PhD student from HIMS Biocat group, received the 3rd prize for his talk on “Catalytic promiscuity of galactose oxidase: a mild synthesis of nitriles from alcohols, air, ammonia”. The NVBMB jury particularly commented on the scientific impact of reported results, the clarity of the talk and Jan’s enthusiasm during the presentation.

Jan Vilím (third from left in pink T-shirt) at the award ceremony.

Official link to NVBMB Dr. Bert L. Schram award